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Our stair walking dollies give businesses a new tool that dramatically reduces back injuries, as well as promotes safety, wellness, and efficiency in all terrains that are common in the workplace.

In the moving and delivery industry, stairs and steps present the most hazardous conditions for employees and the objects being transported. The hand trucks commonly used by moving companies require ergonomically incorrect lifting and pulling configurations that put employees at risk of injuring themselves and damaging property.

Employer surveys show that accidents and injuries on stairs are the biggest single cause of back health and accident-related absenteeism from work in manual material handling industries. Poor posture during manual material handling on stairs or steps can cause a loss of load control and a sudden, unpredictable increase in physical back stress. This often leads to injury and property damage. With the M3 Stair Walker your employees can maintain the natural “S” curve of the spine at all times while using a dolly on stairs. This the neutral position is the injury-free safety zone for the back.


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