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We are a family owned business through out North America. We are proud to be manufacturing in the USA. Our hand trucks walk over the riser of the stair, giving the operator the ability to pull the hand truck without feeling all the weight of the load as it is transported up and down stairs or other types of applications! We also specialize to fit our customers’ specific needs.

MIDI stair walking hand trucks were invented in 2006 from 30 years of working in stairs/steps conditions in the moving and delivery industry.  From many back injuries and difficult task of moving large items up and down stairs, the M1 was born.

What makes the MIDI stair walking hand truck better than the traditional and other stair climbing dollies is our dolly goes over the entire riser of the step which gives it the walking ability, whereas the traditional dolly has to be pulled up the riser of the step.  This is what causes tremendous pulling and strain on the back and body.

MIDI stair walking hand trucks allows the operator to maintain the natural “S” curve of the spine at all times while using the hand truck on the stairs.  This is the neutral position, which is the injury-free zone for the back.

Our hand trucks reduce accidents, property damage, back injuries and increase efficiency.