All You Need To Know About Stair Walking Hand Trucks

Hand trucks have proved to be a blessing in disguise for people who work in the moving and delivery industry. These are popularly known as dollies and are characterized by their L-shaped frames.

While there is numerous hand trucks available, one that movers and route deliverers prefer is the stair walking hand truck because of its ease of use. There are several benefits associated with stair walking hand trucks, and we will discuss a few of them in detail in this blog.

Why Use Stair Walking Hand Trucks?

What sets stair walking hand trucks apart is that it has multiple tires which makes transport of objects super-easy up and down staircases. The hand truck rolls over the entire riser of the step! It doesn’t “climb” stairs which means you don’t have to push or pull it to get the job done. On the contrary, it “walks” up the stairs for you.

Stairs can be difficult to navigate when you have to transport heavy loads from a house to your truck. Incorrect handling may cause damage to your client’s property or, worse, injury. While the first affects your company’s reputation, the latter forces you to take time off work to recover! You can eliminate such risks by adding a few stair walking hand trucks to your equipment fleet.

Stair Walking Hand Trucks Vs. Conventional Hand Trucks

As you may be aware, traditional dollies usually have two wheels. While it might work fine on flat surfaces, the same can’t be said when it comes to moving objects up and down the stairs. That’s why you have to depend on your strength to navigate every stair.

With the help of specialized equipment, such as the MIDI stair walking hand truck, you will be able to watch your step and simply transport the load up or down the staircase without having to exert yourself.

What makes such stair walking hand trucks so special?

For starters, the MIDI stair walking hand truck has five tires on both sides of its frame. Because each tire spins on its own, heavy loads, such as refrigerators, can be taken up or downstairs safely. Since the entire process becomes more streamlined and hassle-free, you end up saving a lot of time! You can redirect the saved time and effort to bring in more business for your company.

But that’s not all! As these hand trucks help to keep your spine in a natural “s” curve position when you’re working, you reduce your susceptibility to back pain. We know that you have to navigate a lot of stairs on a regular basis because that’s a part of your job. But with the help of stair walking hand trucks, stairs won’t be your enemies anymore!.

Enhance Your Efficiency With MIDI Stair Walking Hand Trucks

With MIDI stair walking hand trucks, you won’t need two operators to move a bulky item. The hand truck will do the heavy lifting for them! This ultimately boosts your team’s productivity.

Get stair climbing dollies with wheels from Mitchell Industrial Dolly Innovations. We have high-quality stair walking hand trucks that have been designed keeping your safety in mind. Whether you make deliveries, work with movers and packers or in the materials handling industry, we have got you covered. If you have questions please call 512-696-5846 today.

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