Follow These Safety Tips To Reduce Risks Of Injuries When Moving Objects Up Stairs

We can say with some confidence that nobody moves up and down the stairs of different shapes and sizes as much as employees of moving and courier companies. They have to deliver products to customers on a daily basis and during their job, they come across all types of stairs. Now, we all know that if we walk up and down the stairs without care, the chances of slipping or falling goes up considerably. Injuries endured by falling or slipping down the stairs are quite serious. You can face head trauma, broken bones, neck & back injuries, spinal cord damage, etc.

Since there is risk of experiencing these injuries even when you walk up and down the stairs all by yourself without any load on you, imagine the level of threat moving and courier companies’ workers face when they carry heavy loads on the stairs. Many workers do face serious injuries while doing their jobs. This proves difficult for both the worker and the employer, who has to pay for workers compensation. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that moving and courier companies follow some key guidelines to keep their employees safe when using stairs. We have listed some safety tips that every moving and courier company should make their workers follow.

Let’s take a look at them.

– The most important thing for movers is to use proper equipment for moving heavy objects up and down the stairs. Moving and courier companies should get a stair walking dolly for their workers. Movers who use stair climbing hand trucks to move objects are at a lesser risk of experiencing injuries.

– Never start carrying objects up a stair without first properly assessing the path. You should first properly check the path that leads to your intended destination. If you find anything in the way that can pose as a hazard, remove it from the path and then start carrying the object. Checking the path becomes all the more important when you are using a hand truck because while using it, the mover walks up the stairs backwards, which needless to say impedes the rear view.

– When moving lighter objects, always use both the hands to hold the object as doing this evenly distributes the weight of the object. Plus, you will bring down the risk of experiencing sprains and strains. Do not use your phone in one hand and hold the object in the other as this small mistake can very easily lead to serious injuries.

Mitchell Industrial Dolly Innovations strives to create products that will make the job of moving and courier companies safer and bring down the risks of injuries for the workers who have to carry heavy objects up and down stairs on a daily basis. Our stair walking hand trucks, stair walking stone carts, appliance hand trucks, etc. are being used by many moving and courier companies. If interested, get in touch with us to know more about our products and how they can make your job safer and more efficient.

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