Types Of Hand Trucks You Must Own As A Mover: Best Rated 5 Wheel Stair Climbing Dollys & More

While there are multiple options available in the market for moving an item from one spot to another, dollies are our absolute favorite, probably due to their sheer convenience and intelligent design. Stair climbing hand trucks are one of the best inventions of humankind for the following reasons:

  1. They protect the load against any frictional damage
  2. It stabilizes the shift
  3. Makes transportation of heavy goods easier
  4. Reduces awkward movements and accidental trips
  5. Makes shift of freight up and down the stairs easier

Stair climbing hand trucks are a common possession choice for packers and movers, manufacturers, and warehouse dealers. If you are wondering what kind of stair climbing hand truck you should go for, keep reading this blog for the information.

  1. 5 PNEUMATIC TIRES PER SIDE M1The basic aluminum stair walking hand truck with a 550-pound capacity is ideal for moving, delivery needs, and other commercial use. The 5-6 inch pneumatic tires with a high back frame make it easy and convenient to navigate laid up and down, steps and curbs. In addition to this, the sleek design reduces body fatigue, enhances safety while maximizing efficiency.
  2. 5 PNEUMATIC 6” TIRES PER SIDE M3The industrial-grade aluminum stair walking appliance dolly/ hand truck with 700 lb capacity is perfect for carrying heavier loads like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and big safes. The high back frame, loop handles for high stacking, and smart configuration provides good control and extra leverage while transporting large loads up and down the stairs. The heavy-duty 6” pneumatic tires in a custom five wheels per side arrangement make it all the more sturdy for swift and safe transportation.
  3. 5 6” FLAT-FREE TIRES PER SIDEThe M6 6” flat-free five wheels granite/ marble cart for stairs, curbs, and steps is a one-of-a-kind granite cart with a 700-pound capacity. The sturdy aluminum frame offers a unique mechanism that allows users to carry heavy slabs of marble and any other stone up and down the stair, curbs, or steps with ease. This ensures the safe transportation of expensive marble slabs without any damage to the stone or the staff.

Stair climbing hand trucks are essential for every delivery and manufacturing/ warehouse company. They are ideal for taking large, unwieldy items up or downstairs or over curbs and steps. Here at Mitchell Industrial Dolly Innovations, we guard you with the best-rated 5 wheel stair climbing dolly options that fit your business needs. Not every hand truck is the same and can offer the same efficiency over different tasks. While some are capable of handling light loads, others are temperature sensitive. If you are someone who deals with lots of debris on the floor or requires hand trucks for extremely hot/ cold environments, talk to our experts at 512-696-5846 to make the most effective dolly investment for your business. Browse our website to have a look at our well-crafted, high-quality hand trucks now!

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