Stair Walking Hand Trucks Have Made Top Delivery Companies’ Work Easier

Workers who work in delivery companies need to handle all sorts of items. While they are able to move light, manageable items on their own without taking assistance from any tool or equipment, it is the heavy or bulky items that cause them a lot of trouble. Forget about moving heavier items up the stairs, workers find it extremely difficult to move bulkier items even on flat surfaces. That is why it is essential for delivery companies to invest in best stair climbing retrofit hand trucks.

These hand trucks allow delivery personnel to move heavy objects up and down the stairs easily. Workers can also carry heavy objects using their hands but the problem with this method is, it takes a lot of time and effort. Not just that, it can also pose danger to the lives of workers, who can fall and injure themselves while carrying heavy items up and down the floors.

Stair Walking Hand Trucks Help Improve Efficiency

While all delivery companies should consider investing in stair walking hand trucks, those who need to deal with stairs on a regular basis should especially get a fleet of hand trucks to make their work quicker and easier. Your workers will thank you for making their job easier and safer as they won’t feel overly exhausted at the end of their delivery day. Strains and muscles tears will become a thing of the past as hand trucks also bring down the risk of injuries sustained while carrying bulky items. Keep in mind that effort is nevertheless required to move items up and down the stairs; however, stair walking hand trucks ensure that workers do not jeopardize their lives while doing their job.

Delivery Companies Get To Save Labor Costs

As we all know, when it comes to moving heavy items, be it on a flat surface or up and down the stairs, you need labor. Typically, two workers are required to properly handle a heavy object. In some cases, you might require more if you’re carrying an expensive item that needs to be handled with utmost care. However, if you start using stair walking hand trucks, you can very easily double your manpower. How? With a hand truck, a worker can carry items up the stairs all by himself/herself. This will allow you to use your workforce effectively for making more deliveries.

As you can see, stair walking hand trucks are a must for delivery companies. If interested, you can get in touch with Dolly Innovations for quality hand trucks. We sell a variety of hand trucks such as stair walking hand trucks, stair walking appliance hand trucks, and stair walking stone carts.

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