Home Contractors’ Guide To Keeping Their Staff Safe During The Transportation Of Slabs Of Marble, Granite And Stone

Home contractors have a lot on their plate when working on a project. From managing and monitoring their staff to ensuring that everything goes smoothly to finishing the project on time, their responsibilities seem rather endless.

One such responsibility that demands their utmost attention is the safety of their workers while moving stones and heavy goods at construction sites.

You may not know this, but thousands of workers get injured every year while storing and transporting building materials, specifically irregularly-shaped stones, slabs of marble, granite, and others, at construction sites and storage facilities.

Over the past few years, the leading regulatory bodies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and others, have outlined some safety guidelines for construction workers to curb such injuries and accidents. However, they don’t seem effective enough in reducing the number of accidents occurring from improper transportation and storage of heavy construction materials.

This blog talks about how home contractors can ensure the safety of their workers during the transportation of heavy stones and marbles at construction sites. Let’s find out:

Invest in Marble, Stone, and Heavy Goods Moving Equipment

Your workers are your backbone, and as a responsible home contractor, you need to provide them with everything they need to safely and efficiently to do their job.

Since significant injuries result from transporting marble slabs, stones, and heavy goods, you need to equip your staff with special equipment that allows them to safely move slabs or stones while ensuring that they don’t break or get damaged.

Some pieces of equipment to consider buying are heavy-duty straps, moving blankets or padding, carrying clamps, a flatbed, and an A-frame. You should also get top stair climbing slab carts since they make moving slabs and other construction materials up and down the stairs easy and safe.

Moving Marble, Stone, and Granite Slabs

Moving slabs of marble, stone, and granite is no simple feat, as they need to be moved as one solid piece. But when you have the right equipment, this can be done easily.

If you need to move slabs up a flight of stairs, you may want to get a top stair walking slab cart and use them for easy transportation. Then, unload them carefully at the desired location and put them on an A-frame, and fasten them using straps or clamps so that they don’t break and remain in one place.

The same techniques can be applied to the transportation of construction materials on plain surfaces. However, take note that this job requires skilled labor, so better train your team, apart from providing them special equipment designed for the transportation and storage of heavy building materials.

If you want to get top stair walking slab cart, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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